We are lucky to be at Peaceful Valley, a campground of about 300 acres, so there is plenty of room for everyone.
A map of the grounds with more detailed information about services, amenities, and general camping/parking rules will be available soon.

Please be prepared for the weekend ahead of you – the sun is very very hot out here, so bring lots of water, shade covering, and be prepared to rug it out.


  • Charcoal grills and fire-bowls are allowed everywhere, of course.
    Campfires, though, can be set up at designated fire pits only. Bringing your own firewood is not permitted, but you can buy it at the campground for a very reasonable price.
  • Showers and Toilets? Here you go – they are nearby and in abundance. Well, porta potties are, that is.
    For showers you’ll have two locations where you can try, but they are often unreliable. Sorry folks, we are aware of the problem and are working on getting it fixed!
    Many JetLaggers come prepared with their own camping showers or are prepared in other ways with baby wipes, etc.. It’s a rugged world out here!
  • Shuttles will provide transportation from one side of the campground to another or between various points of interest.
    The territory is huge, bringing your own bicycle will make you self-reliant and independent and will help you hear all the great music at JetLAG! We expect that pedicabs would be very hot this season!
  • The Campground has strict recycling rules; we should really do our best to observe.
    Whether you are a staying with a large group or camping on your own, please leave the site the in the same condition you found it.
    You will be given garbage bags at the gate. Fill them up and leave them near the toilets, sanitation crews will be picking them up from there.
  • Festival closes at 3pm on Sunday.
    All of us must leave by evening time Sunday. If you can’t – too tired, or maybe not sober enough to drive, please let us know. No promises, but we might be able to find you a place to stay.


Harvard Village –  4 miles  (718) 916-4080

Downsville Motel – 5.5 miles

Buckhorn Lodge and Cottages – 6miles  (607) 363-7120

Riverside Cafe and Motel – 8 miles  (607) 498-5305

**Not affiliated with JetLAG Festival**