We know we are.

We get lots of questions the week before the fest.

Trust me. We've heard it all.




Can I come on Thursday?


Only JetLAG Crew Members on the Early Arrival list will be allowed to enter the campground on Thursday, June 22nd.

If you are not on the list, you will not be granted access.


It’s so nice, we had to say it twice: JetLAG festival starts on FRIDAY. You may NOT enter on THURSDAY.

The tickets you bought grant you entrance to festival on Friday. If you come on Thursday, you will not be allowed to enter the campground.

No seriously, can I come on Thursday?

No. You can’t.

Anyone who tries to come on Thursday will be turned away.

But if we’re in a good mood and you have nowhere else to go, you will be asked to pay an entering fee of $40 per person.

This fee goes directly to the campground – it’s the per night/per person camping rate. 

But seriously. Don’t do it. We’re setting up the festival for you and not only will you get in the way, but you will also ruin the surprise for yourself if you come early.

Can I get on the Early Arrival list?


The only people on the list are Stage Builders and other key members of the organizing crew.

But you can always join the crew next year!


How do I get to JetLAG?

Bus, Car, Carpool – take your pick.

Our Transportation Page has it all.

What should I take with me?

Check out our Dos and Don’ts to get an idea of what you will need.

Also take a look at our amenities.

A full Festival Guide with suggestions of what to take with you is up above and also available here.

Can I buy a student ticket?

You must be a full time student in order to buy a student ticket.

You must be no older than 23 years old to purchase a student ticket.

Student IDs will be checked at the doors.

Please do not buy a student ticket if you a part time student or mature student taking night classes.

We reserve the right to challenge your student ticket and ask that you provide proof of full time enrollment if we feel that you might not really be a student.

We reserve the right to ask you to buy a full price ticket at the gates if you cannot provide proof of full time enrollment.

Can I transfer or sell my ticket?


Just make sure you go into Eventbrite and change the name on the ticket to whoever it is that you just sold the best weekend of your life to.

Your loss.

Should I take my ticket with me?


We can’t repeat this enough:


Can I still volunteer?


We’re accepting volunteers up until June 12th.

Fill out our Volunteer Form!

Is there still room on the Stage or Workshop Lineups?



What happens when I arrive?

Your tickets will be checked, security bracelets fastened onto your wrist, and you will be given a map and brochure of the Festival Grounds and Schedule.

If you purchased a Student Ticket, you will be required to present a valid student ID at the doors.

Nobody will be permitted entrance to the festival without a ticket.

There's someone in my trunk, will they get in?

If you are caught trying to sneak somebody in without a ticket, you and all of your passengers will be turned away, you will not be allowed to enter the festival, and your ticket will not be refunded.

Do you really want that to happen?

Nobody will be permitted entrance to the festival without a ticket.

Security reserves the right to check the trunks and back seats of any car or passenger van entering the festival.

Will tickets be sold at the door?


Adult GA Tickets will cost $115 at the door.

Student Tickets will cost $55 at the door.

Tickets may be purchased with a credit card. Standard processing fee will be applied.

I forgot my ticket at home!

That sucks.

You will need to pay for a new ticket at the gate and request a refund after the festival is over.



Where should I camp?

Great question!

Check out our different camping options.

Is there anywhere I can't camp?

You betcha!

You can’t camp at PANGEA if you need to have carside camping.

You cannot camp at Spell-Art, it’s reserved for Spell-Art performers.

You cannot camp at the First Aid, it’s reserved for the people who need to save you when you stick your hand into the fire.

And so on and so forth.

Check out the map for a complete overview of reserved and restricted camping sites.

I don't have a tent! Should I still come?

We don’t discriminate, of course you should come!

We’ve got you covered.

Check out Jet-Village: Our new Rent-A-Tent Program!

I want to camp next to my car, where should I camp?

You should camp in the General Camping Area.

You should not camp at PANGEA.

Check this page for more information.

Can I drive my car into PANGEA?


No cars will be allowed to enter PANGEA.

All cars will be parked in the Parking Lot and a Shuttle will take you along with your equipment to a Baggage Drop station inside of PANGEA.

From there, all you will need to do is find a place to set up camp!

For more info about parking and camping at PANGEA, check the page.

I'm coming with a group, can I reserve a campsite?


But you can mark up approximately where you plan on camping on our Community Map.

Keep in mind that this map is in no way an official marker of territory.

That means if someone from outside your group wants to camp where you have placed a marker, they can.

Please, let’s be civil – no fights over land this year okay?



Campground Rules

Speed Limit is 5mph, throughout the Festival

On Fri at 8 pm all roads except the one to the General Camping Area and Parking will be closed. (Yes, you can still get to your campsite, if you are camping in the General Camping Area. )

No glass bottles at the Main Stage Area

Please be mindful of small children, bikers, pedestrians, and friends.

Your car may be searched upon entry and re-entry to the site.

Use only the designated areas for parking and camping.

Follow the instructions of the regulating staff at the parking lots. Don’t make up your own traffic laws.

Be considerate of your camping neighbors.

Don’t drink and drive.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for violence of any sort. We reserve the right to ask anybody to leave the festival.

How do I get around the Campground?

There are Shuttle Buses that take you around the festival.

You can find a map of the stops here.

We highly suggest bringing a bike with you if you can!

Walking from place to place is fun too, you should try it – you never know who you might meet along the way….

Can I buy food there?

You betcha!

We’ve got Food Vendors ready to feed you until you burst.

They’re located by the Main Stage.

Full list of vendors coming soon!

Can I buy other stuff there?


Check out our new Vendor’s Row by the Main Stage, with exotic goodies ranging from leggings to pants, to jewelry to body painting.

Bring cash and get ready to deck yourself out.

Full vendors line up coming soon!

Where can I buy JetLAG merch?

We’re so glad you asked!

Festival Merch will be for sale by the Main Stage and at PANGEA.

We’ve got it all: Tee Shirts, Water Bottles, Flashlights, and More.

Bring Cash.

When is stuff happening?

Good question! Check out our schedules!

Stage Schedule

Workshop Schedule

Can I bring my dog to the stage?


Dogs aren’t the biggest lovers of Avant-Rock, as far as we know.