It’s 11AM somewhere. Do you know where your CD player is?

Barely so. All is in the cloud, and so are we.

So why are we still eager to obtain a nice new CD of a beloved band, in a cool cover, with a beautiful and highly informative booklet?

Why do we obstinately listen to it in our car on the way, for instance, to JetLAG?

Why do we purchase one for a friend’s anniversary and know they would like it?

We don’t know why it is so, but we know it is.

This is why we are starting up JETLAG PRODUCTION, a Good Music Label for Good Music Lovers!

JETLAG PRODUCTION will produce music which is (or could be) loved and featured at JetLAG.

But not only this… and not only music. We are planning a lot of things that will surprise you and astonish ourselves…

The first few releases are coming shortly, celebrating DECALAG, JetLAG’s Tenth Foray!

Happy First Birthday, JETLAG PRODUCTION!

Happy Tenth Anniversary, JETLAG FESTIVAL!  

Everybody welcome to JETLAG-2018!