JETLAG-2017 presents: DAN KAHN

A Detroit-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist musician,
‘the Jewish Bob Dylan,’ fusing traditions of folk song, klezmer music and political cabaret in an innovative way,
a long term friend and coworker of Psoy (The Uniternationale), Yuriy Gurzhy (Rot Front, The Disorientalists), the leader of the folk punk band The Painted Bird, a “Nazaroff Brother,”

a multilingual singer performing in English, Yiddish, German and other languages,

a playful, keen and subtle translator-tradapter, well acquainted with Russian sung poetry:

Daniel Kahn, at JetLAG for the third time,
will now present his lyrical and deeply idiomatic English translations of songs by Bulat Okudzhava!”

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Genesis 2:15)