Igor Kouzmine was born in Moscow, Russia in 1958. He studied in Moscow Institute of Engineers of Geodesy, Aerophotography and cartography. Igor lived in Germany, in Canada and Mexico, now lives in San Diego, California. He started to write songs in 1976, performed in Germany, USA, Canada- different events with different programs. One thing remained the same- his songs are all about love. You can feel a sun gently touching your face, you can smell ocean, you can get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you are listening to Igor’s songs. His songs are also about places and times he travels, people he meets and fantasies he sees in reality. He is going to perform on Spell Art stage for a first time this year with a new program ” From California with Love”.

Please, stop by Spell Art stage and give him a warm welcome to our JetLAG Family Saturday, June 24!


Игорь Кузьмин

один из самых талантливых авторов-исполнителей Америки!

Его стихи никого не оставят равнодушным, а музыка согреет любое сердце.

Каждая встреча с Игорем это праздник с которым так не хочется расстаться!

Впервые на ДжетЛаге с программой Из Калифорнии с Любовью.