JetLAG Music Festival

JetLAG is an annual multi-cultural and multi-genre open-air music festival that takes place each year in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York:
It was founded in 2009 as a Russian American Festival, but has since grown into a unique event where different groups of people bond, at the initiative of one community, sharing views, tastes, and cultivating ideas across genres, localities, and cultures.

The only European style festival of its size on American soil:
JetLAG annually features a diverse lineup of internationally acclaimed musicians who perform in all styles of music and languages from around the world. In true roots spirit, at JetLAG camping is the norm, and all of our performances occur on outdoor stages in the spacious open air of the beautiful Peaceful Valley Campsite in the Catskills of Upsate New York.

At JetLAG you’ll find what you love, and you’ll love what you find:
From the big names to new discoveries, the festival presents, and represents, everything from avant garde rock, Balkan wave, Klezmer, psychedelic trance, folk and sung poetry, reggae, rap, cabaret, French chanson, spoken word, experimental math rock, and more.


At JetLAG, we feature the ‘best of the best’ musicians from around the world:
Our headliners are musicians who are famous for re-imagining and re-inventing themselves and their music in improvisations in their performances. 

No two performances are alike.
The festival's headliners and guest list change every year and include internationally known musicians from all over the world (US, Canada, Russia, and Israel, to name a few).

Past performers have included:

Ken Hensley of Uriah Heap (inspiration to Deep Purple), JetLAG 2014
Leonid Fedorov, of the legendary Russian rock band ‘Auktyon’. Traditional headliner, JetLAG since 2009
Frank Londonworld famous jazz and klezmer trumpeter, composer and bandleader ['Klezmatics', 'Brotherhood of Grass'] JetLAG 2009, 2011, 2014
Hazmat Modine of NYC, JetLAG 2015.
Psoy Korolenko, renowned ''avant bard'' of Yiddish/Russian/English song, JetLAG since 2009.
- Daniel Kahn – Detroit-born, Berlin-based and worldwide travelling singer-songwriter and actor, a prominent figures in new Yiddish political song 
- Kruzenshtern i Parohod - a Russophone Israel experimental music band, featuring a bass guitarist, singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Igor Krutogolov
- and many more....


Lovers of passionate music, of soulful music and melodies, of charismatic performers and enchanting performances will find their place at JetLAG 2016.

All special guests of JetLAG are famous for their ability to take active part in jam-sessions, to be 'in the middle' of the event, and to generously share their experience with beginners. If you are a musician, a dreamer, or an improvisor, you will be able to jam with other musicians and participate in live interactive performances.

For lovers of the outdoors, for people who love feeling free in nature, for people who love the idea of dancing under the night stars, and sharing food and drink in the open air, this is for you.
For those of you who love the Catskills, Hiking, Music, Open Air, Camping, Brooks, Sunshine, and Unique acoustics as the music from the main stage echoes off of the mountains of Peacefull Valley, this is for you.


 We are all connected and united, no matter who we are and where we come from.

Are you:

  • open-minded and interested in having new experiences?

  • eager to bond with new people in unique and exciting way?

  • want to be introduced to new art and international world music?

At JetLAG, you will do all this and so much more.

You will feel:

  • welcome, that you are among friends and family. 

  • surprised as you are introduced and opened up to new experiences.

  • you are getting a glimpse into world culture in this microcosm of the world, JetLAG Festival, its own universe.

JetLAG is where people from different walks of life, and from all different cultures come together

In this magical unity of people, for one special weekend, a cohesive vibe is created.
Because the depth of the event is tangible, and the deep connection we all feel to others (performers and audience alike) is ignited by the same spark for three days.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in a weekend-long blend of different cultures. 

Meet with the cream of the crop, the best of the Russian and multi-cultural scene around the world. Be Modern. Experience Authentic Russian/Ethnic food. Piroshki, Polish Pirogies, Kazakh Pilof, Uzbek Manty and others.  
Be yourself. Experience Authentic you-ness and discover what it is that ignites you. 


JetLAG recognizes everyone as an artist or creator:

As our internationally acclaimed musicians come together to perform music from around the world, festival attendees can participate in improvisational jam stages, homegrown art installations, curated art projects, spiritual and transformational Burning Man style camps, family-oriented camps and projects, youth centered stages and music (NEW this year, coming soon), nature-centered activities, and so much more.                                                                                                    

Stages and Camps for JetLAG 2016:

  • Main Stage

  • NEW: PANGEA Stage

  • Wonderland Camp

  • Lion of Judah Stage

  • Babeland Camp

  • Solstice Stage

  • NEW: Interactive Burlesque Theater Stage

  • Spell-Art Stage 


We are committed to nurturing a family vibe throughout every aspect of the festival. 
Our festival is meant for families, for young people, for children, for students, for English speakers, for Russian speakers, and for whomever. Whether you are 7 or 70, at JetLAG you will find what you love and love what you find.

Children are happy and taken care of at JetLAG. Babeland Camp is operated throughout the festival for the wee kids, and a full playground is on site with plenty of kids and their like minded parents to play with.

Indie Music Lovers will certainly find music they love and people to love at PANGEA Stage. Created for the purpose of introducing new, up and coming indie bands to the front and center, this stage is imbued with the passionate and energetic spirit of youth and united world energy. Built by and for recent college grads, this stage will bring everything that it means to be in your 20s to the front and center. Bring your instruments and get out of your comfort zone at PANGEA by vibing with us and performing live on our stage.

Accoustic and World Music Fans wil enjoy our Spell Art Stage that feature Bossa Nova, favorite Russian Accoustic Bards, Jazz, Folk and more.

Wonderland Camp is in a league of its own, offering everything from Tibetan Singing Bowls, to Neverending Chai Stations, to BellyDance, to Partner Yoga, to Roots Dubstep and PsyTrance. Everyone can sip from its cup.

Everyone else will love our Central Stage. With performances you can't miss on Friday and Saturday night. This is the highlight of the festival.




We are located at Peaceful Valley Campgrounds in Downsville, NY.
Our adress is 485 Banker Road, Downsville, NY 13755.
The campground is about 2.5 hours away from New York City.

To get there by car:
Take Exit 90, Rt. 17; then 8 miles North on Rt. 30 to Shinhopple. Turn right, over bridge stay left. Follow signs to Peaceful Valley Campsite for 1 mile.


By far the best way to get to the festival is to share a ride with someone. Feel free to post on our Facebook group page if you are looking to find a rideshare.


Please see this page for more information about our campground and accomodation features.
Camping is the norm at JetLAG, but there are many hotels and inns nearby if you prefer to stay there.
If you are coming in large group and want to send camping representative(s) in advance to set up the camp, please let us know.- Contact Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.  for arrangements. 

О фестивале

JetЛАГ - это ежегодный музыкальный фестиваль под открытым небом, ставший на сегодняшний день оплотом традиционных и современных направлений в музыке, поэзии и искусстве перформанса. JetЛАГ об'единяет в одном пространстве и времени разные культуры, поколения и музыкальные пристрастия.

Фестиваль интересуется теми жанрами, стилями и проектами, которые открыты для взаимовлияния, взаимодействия и взаимоприязни. Таковыми являются русская поэзия под гитару и фольклор, рок и клезмер, цыгане и транс, рэп и свободная поэзия.