Since its birth and inception in 2009, JetLAG Festival has continually evolved to reveal the mystical kinship and continuity of apparently different environments, sounds, and people.

We ascribed the magic spark of French Chanson to any good music in 2010,
Turned groves and meadows into clubs and concert halls in Open Air Cabaret in 2011,
Fraternized education with entertainment as in 2012,
Experienced the oneness of this world as The Legends From Around The World in 2013,
And the affinity of times as The Silver Age in 2014,

Celebrated beautiful musical matches and celestial bonds as Good Chemistry in 2015,

And honored harmony, balance, and peace as Equilibrium in 2016.

These themes were created by JetLAG’s founder and soul, Gesha, and they are part of his very special and personal vision for the JetLAG experiment. This vision, along with the collective intuition and mutual effort of our extended global community, manifested the improbable and miraculous JetLAG Festival for the past eight years.

We devote this Ninth JetLAG Festival to Gesha.

Some might know him as Jay, but his original name, Gennadiy (from Γεννάδιος, i.e. generous or noble in Ancient Greek) shares the same root as the words gene, gens, generation, genre, genuineness, and, certainly, Genesis.

All these words are related to the concepts of roots, stems, family, heredity, and origin. We know that Book of Genesis addresses Creation, Beginning, Existence, Nexus, Links. This name inspired many: from the rock band Genesis and Genesis P-Orridge, to the Genesis Philanthropy Group that supports Russian Jewish heritage.

These links are not accidental. All these seemingly unrelated things share the theme of kinship and the mishpucha, the mutual origin.


Gens una sumus
– literally, “we are one people” –
is the latin motto of all chess players.
It is usually translated as “We are one family”.
But if family resemblance is essentially genetic, the Family, and the People, are not all about the Gene: they are the essence of Love and Bonding.
In Russian we call those near and dear to us rodnye, literally akin, own, native; but the important meaning of this word is soulmates, those spiritually close to us, and congenial.

This is the intention we aim to bring to JetLAG Festival this year. A reunion and Genesis of those that share the same soul, the same mission, and vibrate with the same love and passion in our hearts.

We dedicate this foray to you, Gesha. Forever alive and born again through our collective expression and gathering.

We are the JetLAG family.
We are the JetLAG people.
We are the JetLAG generation.
We are entirely similar
and infinitely different.
We manifest.
We evolve.
We create.
Welcome to GENESIS!
Welcome to JetLAG-2017!