Middle-Eastern Doumbek Hand Drum

We will learn the three basic hits – Dum, Tek and Ka. Then we will put those together to make ayyoub, chiftitelli and maqsoum rhythms (maybe even masmoudi, beledi, and saidi rhythms too). . If we are feeling really ambitious we can even try some 9/8 rhythms; Karsilama; “Gypsy Nine”! Bring your frame drum, dumbek or any drum! I will have only a few to share. I will have hand out sheets to take home of the rhythms notated.

Jack Lowry has been in the music business for 35 years. Studied jazz guitar as a teenager, then started playing in bands. At Brushwood (2007) he was enthralled by Raquy and the Cavemen, inspiring his debut with Anka Kusu band/dance troupe at Spring Caravan in 2010. Jack plays Oud (fretless lute), guitar and sings in world music group Gypsy Funk Squad.