Middle Eastern Musical Scales

We will listen to and play some basic Western and Middle Eastern scales.(bring your instrument or just listen). Arabic music scales ( Maqam) and other musical traditions use equally tempered western scales but also Maqam that include 1/4 note intervals which are called “half flat” or “half sharp”. I will play a Turkish and Arabic songs to demonstrate the unique sound and emotion that “1/4” tones can inflect. Scales covered will include; Major; Minor; and middle eastern Hijaz and Bayati). The unique mystical Saba Maqam will be played in a Arabic dance melody “Saba Samir”. We will sing/play/listen to a few a songs in different maqams and scales. Hand outs will be passed out.

Jack Lowry has been in the music business for 35 years. Studied jazz guitar as a teenager, then started playing in bands. At Brushwood (2007) he was enthralled by Raquy and the Cavemen, inspiring his debut with Anka Kusu band/dance troupe at Spring Caravan in 2010. Jack plays Oud (fretless lute), guitar and sings in world music group Gypsy Funk Squad.