In 2016, Brooklyn-based Goodfight emerged as the protean brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and South Florida native, Andrew Forman. Initially moving from his hometown of Boca Raton to pursue jazz guitar studies in Manhattan, Forman spent several years  frequenting and often performing at notable jazz venues around the city. At a certain point, he found himself burnt out, disenchanted and ready to try something new. Through various collaborations, Forman honed in on his interest in evoking the sights and sounds of his youth in South Florida. This realization quickly gave way to the project we now know as Goodfight.   

Following some early lineup changes, the band’s current roster has tapped into an infectious positive energy stemming from chemistry between members Annique MonetDaryl Johns, David Zyto and Guy Paz. This enthusiasm is mirrored in the band’s 2017 debut album, Florida Room, buoyed by bright, flamboyant guitars and memory-flooded melodies with harmonies harkening back to those of Bossa Nova and jazz classics. Shortly after the album’s release,  Forman spent most of the winter holed up in his apartment writing and tracking tunes that later appeared on 2018’s, Ghoster. The five tracks that make up the EP exhibit Forman exercising a more introspective and experimental approach to songwriting while simultaneously retaining stylistic elements that nod to his jazz past. The band continues to record new material and play shows throughout the Northeast. 

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