You'll Find What You Love, And You'll Love What You Find



Due to overwhelming demand, the popularity of the festival has tripled in the past seven years!


Our mission is to bring you affordable ticket options to reflect this growth.




Since its birth and inception in 2009, JetLAG Festival has continually evolved to reveal the mystical kinship and continuity of apparently different environments, sounds, and people.


And we’re at it again this year. Introducing this year’s theme: GENESIS



 3 days. 5 stages. 100+ performers. 1,500+ participants … endless possibilities.


From the big names to new discoveries, you’ll find everything from avant garde rock, Balkan wave, Klezmer, and psychedelic trance, to folk and sung poetry, reggae, rap, cabaret, French chanson,  experimental math rock, and more.




 JetLAG is a space full of possibility that we can use and transform into whatever we want it to be. And we need your help to do so!


Whether you’re a musician, artist, dreamer, or do-gooder – we’ve got a place for you.




What began as a pilot project in 2016 headed by a team of five young people returns in 2017 as one of the most popular events of the entire festival.


Bringing you a cross-genre curated Stage, Theatrical Performances, Healing Village, Enchanted Forest, Camping Zone, and more…