You'll Find What You Love, And You'll Love What You Find



JUNE 23-25


Congratulations, friends! Our festival is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary. Isn’t that awesome? 

Ten Years ago JetLAG was born from a dream about good music, freedom, peace and love. JetLAG is where you find what you love and love what you find.

JetLAG has always been a paradox, a mystery, a miracle, a triumph of the impossible. Awkward and stylish, amateur and high-end, Russian, American and international, crazy, wild and family oriented, JetLAG unites three generations of artists and music lovers of all possible views and tastes.

Just as the word Decalogue means Ten Commandments, DECALAG means Ten precious years of JetLAG. Ten beautiful pages in our history, Ten wise things we discovered in this wonderful journey. We will share this experience with you soon in the forthcoming series of memories  about precious JetLAGs and what we learned from them.

This year we celebrate our gorgeous Ten Year Long path. We realize JetLAG’s uniqueness and historical importance. We analyze and appreciate the past so we get more ready for the future. We accept the new challenges of growth, and we anticipate many new JetLAG generations to come.

Long live JetLAG!
Many blessed years!


Due to overwhelming demand, the popularity of the festival has tripled in the past seven years!


Our mission is to bring you affordable ticket options to reflect this growth.




What began as a pilot project in 2016 returns in 2017 as one of the most popular events of the entire festival.


Bringing you a cross-genre curated Stage, Theatrical Performances, Drum Circles, Workshops, Healing Village, Enchanted Forest, Camping Zone, and more…




Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about JetLAG but were too afraid to ask.


Do you have a question? We’ve got answers.




 3 days. 5 stages. 100+ performers. 1,500+ participants … endless possibilities.


From the big names to new discoveries, you’ll find everything from avant garde rock, Balkan wave, Klezmer, and psychedelic trance, to folk and sung poetry, reggae, rap, cabaret, French chanson,  experimental math rock, and more.



So you want to go to JetLAG? One of the best parts is camping in the open air all weekend!


Check out our many beautiful camping options, and get ready for your 3-Day adventure!