Are you interested in joining the JetLAG Festival Crew?

Our crew works non-stop throughout the festival to make it happen for the over 2,500 participants we see each year. We have shifts in the early morning, late evening, and even in the middle of the night. If you’re a night owl or an early bird, we’ll find a shift that works for you.


Your weekend ticket.

A way to FEEL GOOD for making the JetLAG Festival 10 Year Anniversary a reality!

A chance to widen your circle of JetLAG friends and family.

A way to connect even deeper to the festival and see the inner world of JetLAG.


At least 8 hours during the fest, or fifteen hours pre or post fest.

Your commitment to support your crew & be present when scheduled.

Your love and warmth and openness to meeting the challenges of your role.

Your honest input and feedback after the fest.


Read through the descriptions of volunteer roles below.
Fill out the JetLAG 2018 Volunteer Application.
Wait for confirmation, get placement at the fest, and we'll see you there!

Clean Up Crew Member

We follow the principles of Leave No Trace, and we need your help to keep the campground clean.
Clean Up Crew Members change out garbage bags in bins and take trash to the designated area (by golf cart!). Crew also sticks around to help us clean up after the Festival on Sunday.

First Aid Crew Member

If you are certified in First Aid, Nursing, or EMT, or if you have experience in first aid, please apply!
We have several EMT stations at the fest. We hope never to have to use them, but accidents can and do happen.
You will be working under the supervision of our Security and Medical Team. This is not a 3-day commitment. But it is critical that if chosen, you commit to your scheduled shifts in the First Aid Crew.

Host a Musician

Our Festival relies on the generosity of volunteers who welcome Musicians into their homes. If you have a spare bedroom and are interested in helping out JetLAG Festival, this could be for you!
Thank you in advance for your hospitality. Be aware that screening for this role is very selective, as certain details are confidential.

Info Center

We are looking for somebody who is familiar with JetLAG and the Festival grounds. If you are a people-person, and would like to help, we need YOU!
Info Center Crew must answer questions about the fest, direct people to points of interest, give out brochures, and let people know about stage schedules.
You’d also oversee the Lost and Found area and sell bottled water, all while in the shade of a gazebo by the Main Stage.

Media Crew

Want behind the scenes and backstage passes to JetLAG stages and concerts?
Are you skilled in Photography/Videography?
We need you to help capture the best moments at JetLAG’s 10 Year Anniversary!
Requirements: You must have your own equipment. Cellphones are NOT sufficient.
Be willing and able to share your content soon after the festival and allow us to use it for select promotional material.

Merch Booth Crew Member

We need several highly responsible people who have retail and people skills to work the Festival Merch Booth at the fest.
You’d be handling cash and credit card transactions.
The Booth is by the Main stage, so you’d get to work and listen to great music at the same time!


Do you have a love for feeding large groups of people? Do you love to cook or just want to try your hand at new recipes? This is a great way to lend a hand during the festival!
Kitchen helpers prepare food for a couple of hours during the fest to feed PANGEA staff/crew/performers. It’s generally pretty easy: you get to hang out, cook with great people, and enjoy the fest from the shade of the Kitchen Tent.

Performer Liaison

This is a weekend long commitment during the festival. We need courteous, reliable and discreet people to tend to the needs of our musicians. It’s generally pretty easy, you get to hang out with our performers, help them get settled in, and help with their needs on location.
We strive to make our performers happy so that we all get to experience the best show ever.
For this position, please let us know if you are bilingual (English / Russian), so we can assign you to the right team.

Performer Liaison

JetLAG has many visiting artists from overseas – if you love JetLAG music and wish to support visiting musicians, this could be the job for you. This position calls for a very organized, discreet, and responsible person. We need somebody who will organize a JetLAG performer’s itinerary while they are in the USA visiting from overseas. Main responsibilities of this role include organizing the Performer’s transportation schedule. This includes the following:
  • arranging someone to meet them at the airport
  • coordinating their arrivals /departures to and from concerts
  • schedule/provide rides to and from the Festival
Basically, this job is to be the Performer’s go-to, while they are here in the States. If you wish to extend your effort and continue to be the Performer’s liaison at the Festival, it would be appreciated, as you would already be familiar with the details and the particulars. We know it’s more work, but it is usually a lot of fun. For this position, please let us know if you are bilingual (English / Russian), so we can assign you to the right team/Performer.

Pre and Post Festival Drivers

Our Performers will start arriving within a week before the Festival. We need volunteers to meet the Guests at the Airport (NYC) and drive them to where they will be staying.
Also, if you have room in the car going to JetLAG or coming back and would like to give a ride to one or two of our performers, please let us know. We will greatly appreciate it.

Road Crew

Depending on the location you get assigned, you would either assist with directing our visitors as they drive in, or be a part of the parking crew at PANGEA or Spell-Art.
Either way, it’s pretty easy, just help get people going in the right direction, and show them where to park or camp 🙂 

Shuttle Drivers

We have several 6-person golf carts shuttling people around the festival grounds throughout the weekend, and we need some drivers! This is a coveted position, it seems that everybody wants to drive the golf-carts 😉
We are looking for people who are safety conscious, patient, and have good communication skills with their fellow shuttle riders.
Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Workshop Coordinator

If you have any interest in holistic health and wellness, yoga, meditation, or funky things, this is for you! We have over 30 workshops at PANGEA at JetLAG that focus on healing modalities, dance, rhythm, music, and more.
This position requires some knowledge of Excel and excellent people skills. If you’re interested in coordinating/placing/scheduling these workshops for the weekend, please reach out directly to!

Other Things

If you’re interested in Getting Involved by offering a special project, installation art, graphic design, off-stage performance, or anything else, just email us at! We love people like you 🙂